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Medela Swing Breast Pump with 2-Phase Expression (Comes with Calma Teat)

Medela Swing Breast Pump with 2-Phase Expression (Comes with Calma Teat)

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The only single electric personal use pump with breakthrough 2-Phase Expression Technology for maximum milk flow. First researched and developed for hospital breastpumps, 2-Phase Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes.


Stimulation mode:

Expression mode:

- One touch let down button designed for faster milk flow

- Convenient, easily fits into a purse or briefcase

- Efficient, adjustable speed and vacuum

- Comfortable, come with SoftFit Breastshield

- Mobile, use on a laptop, belt clip or shoulder/neck strap


1 year limited warranty by Medela Malaysia.


What's included:

- Calma Teat

- Pump unit

- 1 Bottle

- Bottle Stand

- Power Cord/Adaptor

- Shoulder / Neck strap

- Tubing


What is Calma teat?

Calma - the unique breast milk teat for your baby

For a mother looking for a solution to feed her child breast milk, Calma is ideal. Calma was developed based on the results of our studies with the University of Western Australia. That's why Calma is the unique teat for babies who are being breastfed with breast milk, as it allows them to suck, swallow and breathe, as learned on the breast. Whether you breastfeed or use Calma, the baby has to create a vacuum for breast milk to flow. As soon as the baby pauses, the flow is stopped, this is also the way with breastfeeding.

Similar as with breastfeeding, your baby can

- drink, pause and breathe in its natural rhythm.

- create its individual vacuum through a combination of tongue and jaw movements.

- retain its natural way of sucking, which supports an easy transition from breastfeeding to feeding breast milk with Calma and back to the breast.